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Family Tree Project

We are preparing a special project that will allow Borden descendents to trace their family back to the original Richard Borden who arrived in Boston in about 1635.

If you are have information about your family back to the late 1800s, perhaps the time of your great-grandfather, or his father. please send this information to us and we will try to make a connection with the information we have.

Send full name, place and dates of birth and death, and information about other family members (sisters, brothers, children, parents). We will contact you to follow-up.

Thank you for your assistance.


  1. David P. Borden says:

    My name is David Paul Borden. My father was Alfred B (Bertram) Borden and my mother was Sarah Rebecca (Jenkins) Borden, who was the second wife of Al. His first wife was Ina M. Borden. Al was born July 16, 1891 and passed on March 6, 1962. His parents were Jonathan Borden and Clara May Summers, and he was born in Bridgeton, NJ. I am married and have two children. I* was born on October 3, 1942. Please advise what else you’d like. Thanks,

    Dave Borden

  2. l.c.borden says:

    samuel clifford borden, aaron borden,pete borden,cater borden,albert borden,shine borden.all these bordens are from whigham ga.

  3. David L. Church says:

    I am a direct descendent of Benjamin Borden, son of Richard Borden, who settled in what is now known as Bordentown, NJ. If you are looking for names, dates, marriages etc. for a family tree project, I have all that data.

    • David L. Church says:

      Please let me know if you would like my entire line…I am happy to provide it.

    • Sandra Kelly says:

      My great-grandfather was Rescomb Elred Borden as near as I can tell from the information I have I come from the same line. My mother passed me alot of information would love to see what you have. Thanks

    • Susan Borden Olsen says:

      Would love to have the family tree. We are the William Howard Borden’s from Burlington, NJ my being 88 years old with my father being Glenmore Todd Borden residing in Burlington also.

  4. Robert J. Travers says:

    My name is Robert J. Travers and I from and still do live in Rhode Island. Richard Borden is my 9th Great Grandfather and thi line goes Richard Borden to his son Benjamin Borden who had a son Benjamin Borden Jr.. Benjamin Borden Jr. had a daughter Lydia who married a Hans Peck. They had a daughter Hester Beck who Married a Isac Van Meter. They had a son jacob Van Meter who had a son Samuel Kirk Van Meter who had a son William Kirkwood Van Meter. William had a son Clinton B. Van Meter who had a daughter Jewell Jeanette Van Meter ( my grandmother) who had a daughter Patricia Patenaude who then had me, Robert J. Travers.

    • Thanks for this Robert. Where do you live in Rhode Island? I was in Rhode Island with my family last summer for a visit to Providence, and a cousin in Narragansett.

      Your message reminds me that I should post my line on the Contact page.

  5. Andrew J Borden says:

    Hi I’m Andrew Borden, I am a direct descendant of John Borden, the son of Richard. I had done some research of my family It goes something like Richard>John>John II> Joseph>Theophilus(grew up in SC and moved back, don’t know the reason)>Holder>Charles (whom I even found a picture of, rare since he lived through the mid 19th century and even volunteered in the civil war) and the list goes on to eventually me.

  6. susan borden martinez says:

    I am looking for info on the Borden family that immigrated to Minnesota in the 1800s. I am the great great granddaughter of Patrick R Borden and Bridget Casey.

  7. Richard Borden, I believe, would be my 9th great-grandfather as well. His daughter Mary married John Cooke, their daughter Anna Amey Cooke married David Clayton. They had a son, also named David, who married Esther Taylor, who was from New Jersey. I believe they relocated to New Jersey in this generation. David and Esther had yet another David Clayton, who married Rebecca Thompson. Their son was Cornelius Clayton, who married Catherine Rogers. Their son John Clayton married Rebecca Johnson and they had a daughter, Deborah Ann Clayton. Deborah married Esek Gant. Their son, Elias Gant, married Mary Harvey and they became the parents of Theodore S. Gant. He and his wife, Clara Shafto, were the parents of Bruce Bronson Gant, Sr., who married my dear grandmother Leta Ward and they had my daddy, James Gant. From the time of the second David Clayton, through my grandfather Bruce Gant, the family remained in New Jersey. My father was born in Atlanta, Georgia and this is where our family (mostly) lives today. I never knew any of our New Jersey ancestors as my grandparents divorced when my dad was very young and had no contact with his father’s family.

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