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Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Portsmouth Compact Tablet at Founder's Brook

Portsmouth Compact Tablet at Founder's Brook

First settlement – the place first selected (in Portsmouth) for settlement was about half a mile southeast from Bristol Ferry, at the south end of a pond that opened into Mt. Hope Bay, which the settlers dignified by the name of Portsmouth Harbor. The pond still retains the name of the town pond, and ebbs and flows as it did then. [Weld]

MacCorrie Farm – Richard Borden homestead.
In 1639, the settlers concluded to change their location about one and one-half miles farther south, on the east side of the island which they called Newtown. There they laid out house lots for a numerous settlement, but the speedy division of the island into farms soon absorbed all the population then in Portsmouth, and the settlement at Newport this year attracted a large portion of the emigrants to that locality. [Weld]
Portsmouth Historical Society. (1868) Corner of East Main Rd. and Union Street. Former Christian Sabbath Society Meeting House. Museum. Collection of early household conveniences, farm implements, etc. Julia Ward Howe and other notables preached here. Monument on grounds marks site of initial skirmish, Battle of Rhode Island, August 29, 1778. OPEN: Memorial Day-Labor Day, Sat & Sun, 1-4 p.m., and by appt. 683-9178.

Founders’ Brook. Off Boyd’s Lane. Site of the landing of the first settlers from Boston in 1638 under Anne Hutchinson, first woman to establish a town in the nation. The Portsmouth Compact, an instrument which organized the first truly democratic form of government in the world, is inscribed on a bronze and stone marker.

Portsmouth Friends Churchyard, Hedly Street, Corner of West Main Street, Tele Pole #2.

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